Saturday, April 30, 2011

To name or not to name...that is the question

So we are at week #4 of chick ownership and some of the chicks are actually probably pushing 5 weeks old at this point.  Should we begin to name them based upon our gut feelings on who is staying & who is going?  I think so!  Calling these chicks by temporary nicknames just isn't fair to them right?  Why grow up being called one name, only to have your owner pull a complete switch-a-roo?  Ha, ha.  Switch-a-roo...get it?  Roo............rooster...............oh never mind.
The chicks have been spending a fair amount of time outside.  In fact, the Americaunas are now the same size as Lizzy so I think our cat will leave them alone.  The 4 smaller chicks still need supervision.  In fact, we've caught our cat twice stalking the smaller ones and were forced to intervene.  The older chicks (Americaunas) are now living in the left half of the coop while Lizzy (Cornish hen) roosts on the right side.  We had to physically move them in & out every morning/night for several days before they began to get the idea that they could do it without help.  It's very addicting watching their crazy antics as they peruse the yard and take frequent dust bathes.

Let's get to week 4's photos (and new potential names!)
Americauna #1 - It is still questionable whether this chick is a hen or a roo.  While not built like #2, she certainly isn't as heavy bodied as chick #3 either.  As her colorful feathers emerge, her ho-hum gray is becoming quite beautiful.  My son is showing off her shoulder balancing talent this week too.  Let's call her Buffalo Chicken Wings or Buffy for short.  Yeah, I know, my grass needs mowed.

Americana #2 - OK, I'm still convinced this little guy is a roo.  I refuse to name him.  He is great looking though.  I love his colorful collar.  He decided to lay down on the job this week.  I think he's trying to disguise himself as a hen but I'm not buying it.
Americana #3 - She's my strongest hopeful for a hen out of all the chicks.  I'll be quite disappointed if she has me fooled.  Let's name her Chicken Burrito or Rita for short. 
Golden Comet - Chicken Nugget or Nugget for short is slowly but surely becoming more brown.  An egg laying super star in the making?  I sure hope so!  Nothing real special jumps out to me about this chick though.  I think she's content to let her gold nugget eggs do the talking for her.
Mottled Cochin Bantam - Chicken Cordon Bleu or Bleu for short.  This chick hadn't shown much personality either previously but is starting to show her quiet & gentle nature.  She allows me to pet her back without waddling off.  She seems big-bodied and small-headed.  My son thinks she's a HE but I disagree.  Only time will tell.
Partridge Cochin - I'm still calling this fella Party.  I thought last week's photo just made him look goofy but I'm coming to realize he's pretty goofy ALL the time.  He's the most jumpy & difficult to catch of the 4 little chicks.  His long neck & legs plus weird feathering all look very roosterish to me. 

Light Brahma - I think it's time to name this chick.  I'm feeling pretty hopeful that she's a hen and she continues to be one of the most personable chicks.  Let's call her Chicken Enchilada or Chilly for short.  My son thinks she'll be the most beautiful chicken of the bunch and I agree.  She is quite the "talker" though. 
Cornish Hen - I don't want to leave out Lizzy!  No new photos of her this week but she's doing well.  She laid 4 eggs this week.  I had another egg sandwich on Friday and LOVED it!
Stay tuned for next week's update!

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