Friday, April 22, 2011

Lizzy's Surprise

As I may have previously mentioned, we aren't sure how old Lizzy (Cornish hen) is.  She was given to us when we bought 2 of the chicks.  I thought she might be too old to lay eggs but I decided to give her a proper diet and see what happens.  I provided egg layer pellets, whole grain (corn), and oyster shell, each in their own dish.  She is normally always out of the coop and scratching around at the crack of dawn however one morning this week she decided to hang out in the coop longer than normal.  Although laying an egg crossed our minds, we thought it was more likely she was sick.  We were wrong!  In fact, 3 days later we have 2 eggs!  I had my first egg sandwich, courtesy of Lizzy tonight.  They are small, but I think it's Lizzy's way of providing less calories.  Oh, and her favorite plant is the dandelion.  What a smart chicken she is!
Here are week 3's chick pics.
Americauna #1.  As you can see, I'm getting absolutely nowhere in teaching this chick not to look at the camera.  She's not the smartest chick in the shed but she is the best flyer of the bunch.
Americauna #2.  I decided to show you a closeup of this fella's comb this week.  I'm still convinced he's a Roo.  Notice how he stands differently than the next chick?  He looks much more leggy. I think I'll call him Hunchback.
 Americauna #3.  This chick's the biggest.  I'm thinking prime-time egg layer right here! 
 Nugget (Golden Comet).
Cordon Bleu (Mottled Cochin Bantam). 
Party (Partridge Cochin).  I  couldn't resist posting this pic this week.  Not exactly flattering.  He's not actually this geeky looking....usually.
Light Brahma.  
Hoping for some warm weather & photos out in the yard soon.

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