Friday, April 15, 2011

Growing like weeds

I can hardly believe how quickly these chicks grow!  My son actually spotted one of the Americaunas sitting on the top of the pack-n-play yesterday after school.  They can jump & fly quite well time for plan B.  What is plan B, you ask?  Good question!  I thought the pack-n-play was large enough & high enough to hold them for quite a while but I was wrong. We decided to move the 3 big chicks into the other half of Lizzy's coop last night.  During the day today, they shared the run with Lizzy too.  That meant a quick trip to the store for a 2nd heat lamp so both sets of chicks can stay warm.  Nights are still getting into the 40's and occasionally even the 30's, days are anywhere from 50' to 70's.  The older chicks still seem to value the heat lamp's warmth too much to go without it just yet.
I can say I'm very glad our chicks are in the garage.  I would NOT want to come home from work one day to find the chicks had escaped the box & pooped all over the house.  I have no doubt my wife would have me sleeping in the garage in the pack-n-play with the chicks. Oh, and speaking of sleeping, I love how the chicks still like to stretch out on their sides when they sleep.  They just roll onto their sides & stretch their little legs out.
Time for this week's chick photos.
Americauna #1.  What is it with this chick looking at me when I'm taking photos?  I try to tell her that it's better not to look straight at the camera.  It makes her nose look big.

Americauna #2. We're pretty sure this fella is a rooster. His comb on his head is already larger than the other 2 and he is slightly smaller & slimmer than tho other 2.  Both rooster signs according to my research.

Americauna #3.  This gal is really getting big & seems to be ahead of the other 2 in feathering out.  I like how her chest is changing color with the new feathers.  She was the bully but I've noticed less of that lately.

Nugget (Golden Comet) isn't looking so golden anymore.  Sometimes I have to look twice because she almost looks dirty.  She enjoys hanging out with the big chicks but really isn't quite at their level yet so she will be staying with the little chicks for now.

Lizzy (Cornish hen) obviously isn't growing anymore but I didn't have a "studio" shot of her yet.  She seems to be getting a little more bossy to the chicks however she isn't active enough to really make life miserable for them.  They usually just run to another part of the pen and the conflict is over. No eggs yet. :-(

Cordon Bleu (Mottled Cochin Bantam) is still 1/2 the size of the others. I wasn't sure he/she had changed much but after comparing the photo, Bleu is definitely growing too!

The Partridge Cochin had me laughing the other day.  We had all the chicks out in the run with Lizzy.  She was chasing the chicks until she met up with Partridge.  "Party" confronted her and bluffed her a few times, backing her up every time.  It was comical to see due to the huge size difference.

Light Brahma - saving my favorite for last again.  She is more mellow than the others and seems so tame.  Her & Party (just a temporary name) seem very similar in size and looks except for color.  They both have leg feathering.

Stay tuned for next week's update!

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